We conducted an initial survey in the area, both by postcard and online, it was fantastic to see the range of responses we received.

This was just a snapshot of the community's views, with 110 online responses and 148 postcards returned, so it is not a full representation of everyone’s views but nonetheless gave a good picture of many things that were on people’s minds.


We would love to hear from you if you didn’t get to return your postcard or missed the initial window, we want these surveys to catch as many of you as possible!

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If you are interested in looking at the full set of answers you will find a link here to all the responses: Postcard Survey Findings

What you loved about the area you live in:

Community and Friendliness

When you spoke about what you loved the word community was used most often, and people described where they lived as friendly.

Some of the responses which highlighted this aspect of the area were as follows:

“ the neighbourhood, community and overall friendly nature of the local residents."

“Community Spirit”

“The friendly atmosphere and people”

“The sense of community.”

“Kindly neighbours; always ready for a chat.”

“The people. The feeling of being part of a community”

There are many other examples of the value respondents placed on the connections, belonging and friendliness they experienced within the villages.

The Natural Landscape and Sense of Tranquillity

There was also a strong focus on the natural environment in the answers we received and the closeness of many good places to walk and explore.

In the responses, the beach and coastline figured prominently, illustrating how much many people value them as a central part of their lives.

Keil's Den and the Serpentine were also mentioned as frequented and beloved locations.

One of the things that emerged was a sense of tranquillity in a peaceful environment, which is very significant to many people.

“I love the beautiful location and friendliness, a massive reason why my parents raised me here and I want to raise my children here.”

“Sea and views countryside & village life.”

“Peace and quiet. Access to Coastal Path.”

 "Love being in a coastal village."

"The opportunity to explore coast/country."

“ Beach, railway inn, feels safe, community feeling, lovely walks, people”

Culture and Creativity

There were many references to the, character, cultural resources and sense of creativity in the villages.

The fact that there is a wealth of restaurants, pubs and community events, festivals and community groups spanning a wide range of interests and interconnecting with each other through the year adds a lot to many people’s lives and increases a sense of pride and interest in the area.

The care that is taken to keep the area in good shape was also noted.

Some quotes that reflect this aspect:

"The people/community, the sea, Andy’s Shop, the Pub, The Aurrie, the Crusoe, our house, the football opportunities - watching Ef + community football for all, the bowling, the volunteer efforts, just general goodwill. The Art Festival."

“People take a pride in their area”   

“The people and the landscape. The potential. The sense of community. The creativity. “

A Rich Heritage

The rich history of the area and unique character was also highlighted in the responses with many people valuing the links to the past and the visible heritage in the buildings and names.

“The people, the history & my history with the village, the sea & sand, the walks”

“Peace and quiet. I lived in cities most of my life but now I rarely visit one. Local history - would be true of any place, but this is particularly rich. “



A Wealth Of Amenities.

Many shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants can be found throughout the villages which are well utilised and valued. Several times, people mentioned that they can get what they need without having to travel far and this adds to the sense of community too. This is more represented in some areas than others.


"The sea. The character of the village. Reasonable range of activities. Peaceful and its great to gave a local shop, pub and now a hotel."

" The beach, the sea, the variety of shops and small businesses, the sense of community, the willingness to help others less fortunate, the clubs & organisations with a variety of activities."

“Love the variety of walks available. Beach. Keils Den. Serpentine. The community is so kind and everybody tries to help one another. Most people are so friendly. We have all the necessary shops in the are - convenience stores, butchers, bakers, gift shops, cafes, hairdressers/barbers.”

“Everything. Lovely, location, good neighbours and a lovely beach. Although it has changed from the days when there were a variety of shops  and businesses, we are still lucky to have a pub, shop, hotel and bar/restaurant, a fish van, and a coffee shop with events. In Lundin Links there is another coffee shop, a gift shop, barber, chemist and another local shop.  For a community this size, that is very good indeed.”

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There were lots of other things mentioned from particular pubs or groups to shops and cafes but we hoped that painted a broad picture of the answers we got back.