About Largo Communities Together

Our Purpose & Mission

To enable people of Largo, Lundin Links, Woodside, New Gilston, Newburn and Drumeldrie to enhance community life by supporting and developing sustainable initiatives, communicating with community groups and individuals.

Largo Communities Together(LCT) is a registered charity established by the community to be responsive to its needs. The LCT committee and office bearers are appointed by its membership of over 300 people and is committed to be answerable to the whole community. Membership is open to all interested people. Public consultation exercises are an important element in the way LCT formulates its plans. These projects will thus enhance the fabric of our community through the support and subsequent development of people and community groups.



Fabric deterioration, inaccessible areas, and wasted potential is the story of so many of our historical assets giving missed opportunity and community frustration.


LCT provides a focus that enables the hopes and aspirations of the community to become a real plans. The community “have your say” has provided information to us all of your views, and we will continue to seek and act on them where possible.


LCT aims to facilitate projects which help develop the assets of the community, its people and its organisations. It takes particular interest in projects such as the restoration of heritage, in buildings, historical archives, folk culture with an emphasis on making our heritage accessible to everyone, finding new uses which benefit the community. Our communities have a number of disparate groups that could be supported with some collective input – a community where separate organisations can thrive but also have the ability to come together through LCT, when the whole is greater than the sum of parts.

Examples of how


This website is the primary means of communication for LCT backed up by news letters.


  1. Largo Pier
  2. Largo House & Grounds


Examples of purposeful and social interaction are the Largo Library and Community Hub, Big Picnic, Children’s Gala, Largo Arts Week, Choirs, Sports Groups, Historical Societies and Clubs and Social Groups.


LCT aims to facilitate opportunities for small food producers, tourism and local enterprises.