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Largo Area Community Resilience Team


Welcome to the Largo Area Resilience team page, where we're harnessing the remarkable energy cultivated by a dedicated cadre of volunteers who tirelessly served our community throughout the challenges of COVID-19. From fostering connections through befriending initiatives to establishing the esteemed Largo Links magazine and ensuring essential food delivery services, their contributions have been invaluable.

Building upon this solid foundation, our focus now extends to crafting an emergency plan designed to empower our community to navigate unforeseen challenges with resilience and preparedness. With the installation of generators, we're enhancing our capacity to provide essential services during critical times.

Moreover, our Warm Welcome program has garnered widespread support, fostering a culture of inclusivity and support within our community. And let's not forget the annual Big Picnic events, which bring us together in joyous celebration of our collective spirit.

As the Largo Area Resilience team, we're committed to safeguarding the well-being of our community, today and into the future.

Join us as we continue to strengthen our bonds and build a more resilient tomorrow, together.