Housing Consultations

June 2022

Background: On the 14th of June 2022 at Durham Hall, Lower Largo and the 21st of June 2022 at New Gilston Hall we held two in person drop-in events in partnership with the Largo Area Community Council and had an online survey live regarding housing following a site survey by Campion Homes of a field at the  corner of the A915 and Durham Wynd in Lower Largo. 

We asked for input on two specific issues and then gathered general thoughts. 

1: Campion Homes have surveyed the field at the corner of Durham Wynd and the A915, Lower Largo (scroll down to see the area).

To make clear: we don't know the exact area surveyed. No building proposal has been submitted.

Some local residents have raised concerns about any further housing development here.

Plenty of other pieces of land are also likely to be considered for development and we have asked for general comment in our place plan.* (see disclaimer)

Are you for or opposed to housing development in this location?

2. There has been a proposal that the field at the corner of Durham Wynd and the A915 should be designated as a special landscape area.

Do you support or oppose this?

The data that follows comprises all the responses in person and online. There were just over 120 people participating and additional comments were included about related issues such as:

We also asked what other sites in the Largo Area could work for development and what type of housing that could be, such as.

What features would you like to see any new housing in the area have?

For instance:

Accessible, for people with disabilities



Large houses for families

We asked for your thoughts on the types of housing you would like to see developed in the area.

We asked for any further comments too.

*If you would like your response to be noted or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact [email protected]

LCT Housing Consultations 2022

Here is a graphic depiction of our online survey results.



We have since worked on broadening the question and are exploring this subject as part of our Local Place Plan which is being completed over Summer 2023



*Disclaimer: at the time of the original question there was a miswording that suggested that there had already been a housing proposal submitted on the aforementioned land at the corner of A915 and Durham Wynd.

We have since corrected this as we now know that all that has happened is that Campion Homes have surveyed the area.

We do not know what area of the field was surveyed. 


The Map Below Shows The general Location

Proposed housing development