Our Community Action Plan

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

📣 We’re delighted to unveil our Community Action Plan on the link below. This isn’t just a plan; it’s also the  story of how we got there, mirroring the Local Place Plan yet offering a deeper insight into some of our engagements and findings, there is a way to skip forward too and have a look at our list of actions .

🔍 Central to the plan are the prioritised actions. These actions stem from a community-led process and are evolving and don’t include everything that is already in motion but do propose things that could make a difference.

🤝 Looking ahead, next up we are going to flesh out these plans with our subgroups and any community members eager to jump in. Your perspectives, voices, and feedback aren’t just welcome – they’re essential for shaping the future of these actions.

🔄 Regular reviews are on the cards to track changes in priorities and measure our path forward and make sure we are doing the right thing and spending our energy in places that matter.

🙏 Thanks again for your invaluable contributions.  Stay tuned, share your ideas, and be part of shaping this plan and what happens !

If you have any feedback please do share either by replying or on the form at the bottom of the Storymap.

Largo Area Community Action Plan