Last Day Of Our Information Notice Period


Today marks a significant milestone in our journey towards developing the Local Place Plan – it’s the final day of our information notice period.

Over the past weeks, your engagement and feedback have been invaluable in shaping a vision that truly resonates with the aspirations and needs of our community.

Your insights have contributed immensely to the development of a plan that we all can be proud of. We will review and tweak the details and then send in to Fife Council for inclusion in their development of the Local Development Plan.

Alongside that we have a Community Action Plan being developed to stay in the community and push things on, come to our AGM at 7pm at the Aurrie on the 27th of November to join in.

As we approach the end of this crucial period (at midnight,) I encourage you, if you haven’t already, to take this final opportunity to review the plan and share your thoughts.

Your perspective is vital to ensure that our plan reflects the needs of our community and your feedback will play a key role in shaping the future of our community.

You can access the Place Plan on our website by visiting: (Select “Place Plan”)

Or directly on storymaps: Largo Area Local Place Plan (

Take some time moment to read through and add your valuable thoughts and ideas here:, reply to this email

or phone: 07926416857

So please make sure your voice is heard on this last day of the notice period and come along to our AGM !

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to our community’s growth and development.

Many thanks for reading if you want to get in touch, just email [email protected]

Thank you again for your ongoing support and engagement. 🌆