Join Us for a Brighter Largo Bay – Updates & Opportunities

Hello All !

Firstly, a heart-warming thank you to everyone who came along to the Largo Area Resilience Team meet-up last Wednesday.

What a brainstorming bonanza! Your ideas and suggestions are the bedrock of how we can enhance our preparedness and response to local needs. A special shout-out to Dave Wishart for leading an inspiring workshop – cheers, Dave! 👍

Don’t forget to keep an eye on Largo Communities Together and Lundin Links & Largo Community for the scoop on what’s coming up. 😉

Joyous News & Upcoming Adventures

Championing Beach Access

Let’s raise the roof for the Beach Wheelchairs initiative! With your backing, we’ve soared in the public vote for the recent bid at the OUR RIVER LEVEN COMMUNITY FUND, ensuring we can add to the beach walker kindly funded by St Andrews University Community Fund another amazing gift of Two Beach Wheelchairs to our community assets.

We’re not just over the moon; we’re over the stars with the unity and support you’ve shown.  We will be leaping bounds with accessibility with this addition to the Changing Places Toilets coming soon ! ( We will update you as we know timelines )

Friends of Largo Bay will be helping manage the running of the wheelchairs and we will need your help.  If you have an interest in being a volunteer for this or any of our projects sign up here: VOLUNTEER WITH US.

Science Saturdays – Spirals & Smiles

In other news our latest Science Saturday was nothing short of a smash! A huge round of applause for our stellar volunteers who crafted a day packed with fun and learning around the Golden Spiral. It was a day of discovery, from pine cone artistry to pineapple spirals, leaving us all with a little more wonder in our hearts.

And there’s more: Upcoming Science Saturdays:

  • 9th March: Dive with us into the marine world of whales, dolphins, and porpoises.
  • 18th May: Revel in the beauty of spring flowers.

If these spark your curiosity, hurry to book your place as they’re as popular as ice cream on a sunny day:

Watch this space for more details, and if you’re tempted to lend a hand, we’re always open to new volunteers who want to make a difference ( See above or email direct [email protected] ! ).

Beach Cleans Calling

Our Beach Cleans line-up is ready and raring to go (see the attached flyer below). Your hands and hearts can help keep Largo Bay’s sands smiling. We’d love to have you on board – the more, the merrier, just keep an eye on these emails for exact locations and come along on the day ! If you need any help to join let us know.

Stay Warm And Welcome With Us

And Do Remember Our Warm Welcome Days !

They’re the perfect spot to share a friendly smile and enjoy the company of neighbours. We meet every Tuesday at 11am at the Simpson Institute in Upper Largo. It’s a lovely opportunity for us to come together, catch up and forge new friendships.

And there’s a bit of extra fun on Wednesdays at the Largo Library – it’s Bingo time! A great way to add a little excitement to your week, enjoy some laughs and maybe even a friendly game or two.

A heartfelt thanks to all the wonderful volunteers – your contributions truly make these gatherings special. And a nod of gratitude to Ewan Fraser and Fife Council for their invaluable support.

Why not drop by? Bring along someone from the street, make a new friend, and enjoy a warm brew with us..

As always if you have any questions or comments just email [email protected] 

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