Welcome to Warm Welcome Spaces

Join our Warm Welcome Days  where warmth, community, and connection come together to create vibrant spaces for everyone. Our Warm Welcome events are back and better than ever, ready to kick off winter 2023/24 with a bang!

What We Offer

Join us at our Warm Welcome events for a cosy atmosphere, good company, and delicious food. Here’s what’s in store for you:

Simpson Institute, Upper Largo
📍 Every Tuesday, 11 AM
🍲 Soup served from 11:30/11:45

Largo Library and Community Hub
📍 Every Wednesday
🎰 Bingo starts at 11:30 AM

Special Highlights

Soup Making Demonstrations: Join us for a taste of freshly made, organic soup using veggies from Largo Estate, prepared by Christopher Trotter.

Open to All Every event is open to everyone, and donations are always appreciated.

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Written by Priya Logan.