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September 2022

As we roll into September, let’s take a look back at what we’ve been up to with the Largo Communities Together place plan. We’ve been pretty tied up with the Restoration Forth Project lately, focusing on our beach and sea—no surprises there if you’ve taken a stroll along our coast.

Our journey kicked off with a neat visit to the Ecology Centre earlier this year. We learned a lot about community involvement, and that got us fired up. We’re now part of the Coastal Communities Network, teaming up for beach clean-ups and getting some great advice from folks like Lyle from Project Seagrass.

One eye-opener was a recent clean-up where we found a whopping 89 pieces of rubbish on what looked like a pristine beach. It was a reminder that there’s still plenty of work to do, but it was a lesson for us all.

But we’re not giving up. We’ve got another clean-up planned for this Friday and Sunday.

Looking ahead, we’re feeling positive about what’s to come.

Together, we’re making strides towards a cleaner, brighter future for Largo Bay.


Let’s keep working together and see where this journey takes us.