A Major Triumph For The Bay


Dear All,

I hope this message finds you well, today we give acknowledgement to the accomplishment and pride that Friends of Largo Bay must feel after yesterday’s monumental beach clean along Largo Bay.

Organising such an event starting from five distinct locations was no small feat, and the dedication and hard work of everyone involved have not gone unnoticed. Well done to a very dedicated team.

A significant aspect of their endeavour was not only to clear the beaches of litter but also to contribute valuable data to the Marine Conservation Society. The meticulous counting of every piece of plastic and polystyrene has provided critical insights into the types, quantities, and locations of coastal debris, enhancing the understanding and strategies for marine conservation.

Yesterday marked a significant milestone in the Great British Spring Clean, witnessing an absolutely epic turnout of 99 volunteers, among whom was David Spence from the Fife Street Champions, contributing immensely by aiding in the uplift of collected bags alongside Fife Coast and Countryside Trust.

Notably, local farmer David Russell played a pivotal role with his tractor, facilitating the removal of cumbersome items like tractor wheels, nets, ropes, heavy plastic, and creels.

This event also marked the groups inaugural attempt at litter surveying for the Marine Conservation Society, a venture met with success thanks to the dedication of our teams who meticulously identified even the smallest fragments for accurate allocation. Blessed with sunshine, the day was undeniably well spent across two productive hours.

Looking forward, they are excited to announce five more beach cleans scheduled for this year, revisiting the areas tackled yesterday.

These subsequent cleans will include another round of litter surveying, enhancing our contribution to building a comprehensive understanding of the challenges our shorelines face.

These efforts are crucial in assisting the Marine Conservation Society with the data necessary to influence policy decisions aimed at protecting our environment.

We encourage our community to stay engaged by checking for updates on the Facebook group – search Friends of Largo Bay, and to stay informed through their newsletters and emails, which can be subscribed to by contacting [email protected]

Let’s continue the collective effort: keep picking up litter and keep participating in these vital community actions.

Finally, thank you to wonderful local businesses: The Aurrie, Lower Largo,  The Cottage Window Cafe Silverburn, Lundie Coffee Company, Lundin Links and the Mirador Cafe, Elie for the Pickers’ Perks, adding a much-appreciated boost to our volunteers’ spirits.

The collective effort of everyone involved yesterday not only showcases the local commitment to environmental stewardship but also strengthens community bonds.

Together, so many have made a tangible difference in preserving the natural beauty of Largo Bay for future generations.

After todays chilly blast – Stay Warm and you’re welcome !

As we approach the conclusion of our Warm Welcome days, it’s with a note of gratitude and anticipation that we remind everyone we’re entering the final week of these cherished gatherings.

Tomorrow marks our last Simpson Institute Upper Largo Warm Welcome event, promising a special treat as Christopher Trotter will be delighting us with his homemade soup. We invite you to join us from 11 am at the Simpson Institute Upper Largo for this heart-warming occasion.

The warmth continues into the week with our Warm Wednesday event at the Largo Library and Community Hub. Starting at 11:30 am, it’s a perfect midweek uplift featuring Bingo, guaranteed to bring smiles and laughter. And to round off our Warm Welcome days, there is a Souper Sunday gathering at Durham Hall this Sunday.

We owe a tremendous thank you to all our generous volunteers and to those who’ve contributed, including Ewan Fraser and Fife Council, whose support has been invaluable. These events have been made all the richer thanks to your efforts and contributions.

We look forward to seeing you at these final gatherings, everyone is welcome !