Community Clean Up

We are on the cusp of a momentous occasion – the Largo Bay Clean, a large-scale and ambitious effort aimed at not only beautifying our beloved coastlines but also making a meaningful impact on national environmental policies.

This initiative is a pivotal component of our Great British Beach Clean and aligns with the objectives set forth in the Largo Communities Together Place Plan. Our goals are twofold:

1. To uphold the pristine condition of our beaches, reinforcing our commitment to environmental stewardship.

2. To contribute our litter collection data to the Marine Conservation Society’s Database, thereby influencing National Policy on marine conservation.

Your participation is crucial.

We have designated five key areas for cleanup this coming Sunday This role not only involves hands-on effort in the cleanup but also entails contributing to a larger database that aids in policy formation.

The areas targeted for this initiative are:

– The Temple

– Silverburn

– Dumbarnie

– Lundin Golf Club

– Cocklemill Burn/Ruddon Point

Your registration can be confirmed via email at : [email protected]

Warm Welcomes

We are immensely grateful for the enthusiastic participation and invaluable contributions from our community members during the Warm Welcome sessions.

These gatherings have not only served as a platform for sharing insights and ideas but have also significantly strengthened our community bonds. As these sessions draw to a close, we wish to express our heartfelt appreciation to everyone involved and to our sponsors including Ewan Fraser, the cooks, the volunteers and all the generous donations !

Your active engagement and presence have been pivotal . While we may be concluding this series of Warm Welcome events, we look forward to continuing our journey together, building on the solid foundation of collaboration and mutual support established during these gatherings.

-Final Warm Welcome Sessions: Join us at the Simpson Institute, Upper Largo, next Tuesday from 11 am and at the Largo Library and Community Hub from 11:30 am with added bingo.

– Souper Sunday: An informal get-together on Sunday, the 31st, at the Durham Hall following the service. Enjoy soup and engaging conversations.

Paths For Everyone

We really want to push ahead with making the area more walkable, and wheelable for everyone firstly we are focusing on the pathways between Upper and Lower Largo and between New Gilston and Woodside as these are affecting many peoples quality of lives

Your stories and testimonials about the current conditions of these pathways and their impact on your daily life are invaluable to our advocacy efforts.

We are putting together a collection of stories we would love your input: please send us your images or stories that highlight the urgency for improvement in good, safe pleasant walkways specifically at these key spots but also anywhere that impacts you. This will really help us build a strong case.

Your involvement is instrumental in driving positive change within our community and beyond.

Thank you for your support and dedication.

We look forward to seeing you at the Largo Bay Clean and our community events.

Email your pathway Story to [email protected]