Your stories, our heritage


Our heritage workshop is on tomorrow

Stories and heritage can be used to teach us about the past, to connect us to our communities, and to inspire us to create new things.

We want to explore stories, the physical heritage of the area and the shared identity of the Largo Area.

This includes the stories that people bring when they settle here, the ones made on the land and relationships to others near and far.

  • How do we represent and celebrate all this richness, what needs to be restored?
  • How can we carry stories forward in a way that captures others imaginations and is relevant?
  • What stories are missing that we can bring back to life ?

Framing the evening, musician Greg from Open Sea will  join us with some music to set the tone to reminisce and imagine. We will be also be joined by Marion Thomson of The Corra Foundation, an organisation that is based on connecting people to place. She will share her story of doing a peoples history project based in Methil over the past four years with some of those who participate. We will hear about local heritage projects  and then explore what else could be done and how!

Come along and share your stories or just bring your curiosity Simpson Institute, Upper Largo, Tuesday the 6th of June, come anytime after 6pm to start by 6:30pm.

We will wrap up by 9pm though it’s usually a little earlier, tea, coffee and biscuits are always in supply !

Please let us know if you can come by following the link below so we can get an idea of numbers.

If you know someone who is not on our mailing list and you think would be interested to attend please let them know.

If you need any kind of assistance to participate please let us know in advance and we can prepare.

Thank you

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