The Simpson Institute Is Asking For Help

Dear Community Members,

The Simpson Institute is hosting an open meeting tonight to discuss this highly valued community resource. Come along to the Hall from 6:30pm to join the chat.

As highlighted in our recent local place plan and community action plan, we are incredibly lucky to have fantastic community spaces like the many community halls, all maintained by dedicated volunteers.

These spaces make possible the many groups, interactions, and learning opportunities that make the Largo Area such a great place to live.

We know how much work goes on behind the scenes to keep our community vibrant. The Montrave Hall, Lundin Links is also looking for people to help in a variety of ways details below:

Also The Homelands Trust is currently in for a Movement For Good Award – increase their chances by voting here.

We know volunteers are the foundation of our amazing community. We’re exploring ways to better support them across all groups and organisations.

Stay tuned….

If you want me to include anything in the future please let me know!