Friends of Largo Bay are committed to sharing their incredible knowledge

Whaley Good Science Saturday

On Saturday the 9th of March the volunteers of Friends of Largo Bay delivered a Science Saturday session at Largo Library and Community Hub on Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises.

They say Every Day is a Learning Day – certainly is when it is fact collecting and checking. A BIG shout out to our team of very enthusiastic and motivated volunteers who give freely of their time to plan and deliver.

We were too busy running around mythbusting and fact finding and watching very cool videos to take photos. Extras were left in the Largo Library and Community Hub, 7 Lundin Square so feel free to pick one up.

Did you know that the Sei Whale Sinks… rather than dive? Now you do… We also know why a seal is not a Cetacean and that the Orca is in fact a dolphin. Feel free to join in with other facts you would like to share.

The point of the session was to inform our young scientists and accompanying adults just what Cetaceans are right there on our very own doorstep – hidden depths indeed.
We had a fun information pack to give out at the end of the session so they can carry on their own enquiry at home.

Next up is our session on Spring Flowers on May 18th. More information to come…

( Thanks to Carol Duff for this update)