Health and Wellbeing

Our Overall Vision

We aim for a future in which Largo House and its grounds are cherished and celebrated as environments which enrich the lives of the people of Fife.


To work with the owners to have the land and buildings dedicated to the outdoor life, so sadly missing for many people in today’s society. This would enrich the connections to nature and each other.


To work with Largo Estate to develop links with charities already operating in Scotland which may require a base in Fife, such as Combat Stress, Disability Scotland, Penumbra, Scottish Communities for Health and Wellbeing, Age UK, Scottish Association for Mental Health, Shaw Trust, Treliss, local NHS facilities and others. This will enable all local people to nurture their interest in sport, to develop a love of the outdoors, and to grow and play in a special area in this century and beyond.

ACTIONS in participation with Largo Estate

  1. Connect with partners who would run the facilities under their own banners
  2. Create indoor and outdoor spaces for therapeutic well-being, workshops and therapies
  3. Link Health and Wellbeing with all other activities of Largo Communities Together

Community Consultation Comments on Health and Wellbeing

A selection of comments from interested individuals between September 2018 and January 2019.

  • Yoga centre where all sorts of classes can take place - yoga, meditation and energy work.
  • Mental health charities involvement; Caledonian Horticultural Society; Help for Heroes etc.
  • This would be a great idea for ex-servicemen and benefit the community with their help.
  • Anything that can increase a sense of community and build a truly inclusive community space can only be beneficial for mental health and wellbeing.
  • A centre for people to de-stress; as a minimum a tent on special days so people can come and do activities such as woodland crafts.
  • Opportunity to provide meaningful services to ex-services personnel. PTDS support.