First of all, a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you!

We’re on the home stretch with our Local Place Plan, and the end is in sight. 🎉

 Partnerships and Fine-Tuning 🤝

We’ve had invaluable help from our partners, such as Fife Council, Planning Aid Scotland, and many others, fine-tuning every detail to make our plan as close to perfect as we can.

Our information notice period is due to start next week and we will send out notification of that to make sure you get a chance to read it in full before submission.

We will also be at the community council meeting this month for a brief overview and will arrange another timely drop in for anyone who would rather something in person.

 Key Themes of Our Plan 🏠🛣️🚴‍♀️🌳🎭

Our proposals are organized into five core themes:

1. Housing and Built Environment

2. Roads and Infrastructure

3. Active Travel

4. Environment and Recreation

5. Cultural, Community, and Care

Read more here: Largo Communities Together Placement Plan Largo Community Together

 Community-Led Action Plan 📋

We’re also almost there with our Community-Led Action Plan, set to roll out very soon, that’s the community led half of our goals. And we will need help to deliver and develop…

 Current and Future Collaborations 🤗

We’ve been actively researching organisations that can help us deliver our community action plan too such as the Fife Carers Centre, Sustrans, Circular Economies, NatureScot as well as our ongoing links such as the Fife Coast and Countryside Trust and the exciting new Welcome to Levenmouth Tourism Project.

We’re already exploring how to develop local trails that can link up more widely and we have been supporting our Friends of Largo Bay group to develop their biodiversity, arts and litter cleaning projects which have been going well. Their artworks are now on tour ! Sign up to the Friends of Largo Bay Facebook page to learn more or let me know if you want to get on their mailing list …

We are also building active travel plans and looking at how to support young people more effectively as well as partnering with the local primary school to help support their comprehensive school travel plan, which will be supported by the active travel pathways that would connect our villages up…. and we are going to publish all the details soon !

Upcoming Activities ❄️

Get ready for more “Warm Welcome” dates this winter. Our aim is to keep our community connected and engaged during the dreary months ahead. More to follow…and we need your help to do it all ! So sign up to be on our volunteer list:

 Have Your Say on the Leven Line 🚆

We’ll soon announce a drop-in date to discuss timetables for the forthcoming Leven Line at the Largo Library. Your feedback is essential!

Online feedback options here: Levenmouth Live! • Issue 8 (

Again, thanks to everyone involved.

We’re almost there, and it’s all thanks to you!