Are you coming along ?

We want you along to our workshop, and it would be great to get a variety of inputs about specific things such as:

  • walking with children
  • any mobility related access issues
  • unsafe walkways
  • your experience of speed limits
  • parking
  • speed and density of traffic
  • cycling rurally

The goal of the workshop is to come up with a range of practical ideas and actions that would help make the villages safer and more connected.

Even if you can’t make the workshop or if you can, it would be great to get an image, a story or even a short video of something you struggle with in your area to give us points of discussion and an idea of the range of things we can tackle. Send something in by hitting reply with a phone number and I will get back to you!

The workshop will run on Wednesday the 3rd of May The Paxton Centre in Lundin Links from 6pm until 9pm – it is not a drop in so come at 6 to start for 6:30.

Please register by following the link below so we can get an idea of numbers.

If you need any kind of assistance to participate please let us know in advance and we can prepare.

Thank you !

Register for Moving Around, Our Connected Villages

The Local Place Plan information boards are still at the Largo Library and more information is below.

As always get in touch if you want more information or need assistance including transport to participate.

Storymap Largo Area Local Place Plan

Be A Friend To Largo Bay !

Friends of Largo Bay have not been missing a beat and now have a full calendar of beach cleans. See below !

They are also linking with a new arts project which is spread across the communities of The Forth called the  100 Species and Friends Of Largo Bay have chosen to  look at the Dog Whelk and representing this small but surprisingly predatory creature in artistic ways to link with a bigger exhibition. No special arts experience needed – everyone welcome !

There are also opportunities to get involved with marine biodiversity monitoring for NatureScot and to build knowledge of what is in the bay.

If you want to get involved with any of these projects and activities drop Friends of Largo Bay a line on [email protected]

More on the hundred species

Many thanks for reading if you want to get in touch, just hit reply.